Medical Center

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Now that such a beautiful school building has been realized, the village development committee has asked whether the foundation can also support the setting up of a medical support center annex birth center. a small medical support center has recently opened with limited opening times. For real medical support, one has to rely on hospitals in surrounding places within a 3-4 hour walk. For pregnant women, it is a challenge to walk for over two hours through fields and mountains to the nearest birth center (or travel one to three hours by truck). 

It is intended that this support center will be set up in collaboration with an already existing clinic further afield (Gaughar clinic), under the direction of Dr. Uddave Koirala. 


Location, a plot of state land in the vicinity of the school is available. The local government will also guarantee the salaries of the medical staff.

Every day/24 hours service.

a) For whom: community and especially pregnant women of Shailung VDC
b) Size of the group: In Shailung VDC = Shailungeshwar is a village development committee of 8 villages in Dolakha district in Janakpur zone of northeast Nepal.
For now, the estimate is a population of 4,500 in 800 households.

c) The needs: building 4-6 rooms for medical and maternity support. Equipment is also provided by the government. Water, electricity, kitchen facilities, etc. available at school.

d) Start on date: mid 2022 – 

on the way to medical support center

A forthcoming visit to Sailung by one of the board members will be determined in consultation with the village development committee, a budget and detailed planning.


Information on BCs in Nepal