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The Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation continues Ton van den Brink's dream to make education possible for all children in the area around Mount Sailung in Nepal, also known as Sailungeshwor in the Dolakha district east of Kathmandu. There is a high level of illiteracy in the area and many parents cannot afford education for their children. In order to improve the standard of living in the area, proper education is of great importance. A major step has been taken with the construction of the beautiful school. Our foundation is also committed to the further development of the community in Sailung. You can support us with this very direct charity for children and their living environment.

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We are happy to expand the functionality of the school to further support the community. Library, internet cafe, school kitchen, school garden, adult education. Your support is most welcome for this.

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Sponsor a child of the Ton Memorial School Sailung so that all children, rich or poor, can go to school. Many parents in the area do not have the means to provide education for their children.


The 20 foot sea container with a lot of different goods arrived in Birganj in Nepal on June 7th. After a lot of consultation, new documents and extra payments, the items finally arrived in Sailung on 29 July.

Nice to see it finally worked.


The community has been delighted to see the beautiful school building and have now approached us to build a medical support center and birth center. dr. Uddave Koirala will take the lead.

School Sailung
status July 2022

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