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The Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation continues Ton van den Brink's dream to make good education possible for children in the area around Mount Sailung in Nepal, 100 km east of Kathmandu. Illiteracy in the area is high (>80%) and many parents cannot afford education for their children. Good education is very important to improve the standard of living in the area. A major step has been taken with the construction of the beautiful school. Now that the construction of the Health Post is also making steady progress, the foundation is also committed to the agricultural development of the community. You can support us with this very direct charity for families and their living environment. 

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KLES Sailung
School building with extension and sanitary building, Oct 2022

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Health Post

Construction has been completed and the community has once again put in a great effort in the construction process. On April 1, 2024, the birth center was festively handed over to the VDC and the community in the presence of many invited guests.

Dr. Uddave Koirala will take the lead. The VDC [Village Development Committee] has guaranteed the operation and maintenance of the centre.


The economic significance of local agriculture is great. But still very traditional. A first knowledge session has already taken place, in which a large number of farmers have indicated that they are interested in renewing their approach. We are happy to take on this challenge in collaboration with local organisations.  An on-site inventory in preparation for SATSh

the school

The beautiful school building that was completed within 2 years is running at full speed. The school is developing as a center for community support through the expansion of facilities including: library, internet, school kitchen, school garden, adult education, women's group, savings group….

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child sponsorship

Many parents in the area do not have the means to pay school fees for their children. Yet all children, rich or poor, are welcome at the school.

Sponsor a child of the Ton Memorial School Sailung.


School bus

Although the school bus takes 34 students and 2 teachers to school, its operation is difficult. The price of diesel has more than doubled and consumption, especially during the rainy season, is almost 4 times higher than indicated. To save costs, the driver spends the night with the family at the starting point of the bus trip. 

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