The start: giving every child in the Sailung region, poor or rich, socially low or high class, religious or not, the opportunity to receive a good education and grow beyond their own expectations.

Our vision

Our commitment is to improve the social and economic situation of children and adults in Sailung. Education provides a good basis for this. By giving children and adults access to high-quality education, they are given opportunities to develop further and contribute to the further development of Sailung.  


Our goal

Our objective is to support, improve and develop education, establish a medical support center and support economic agricultural development of the Sailung community in Nepal.

What do we want to achieve?

Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation wants to take care of the following to promote good education and maintenance of the school:

  • Facilitating the construction of a suitable school building
  • Purchasing teaching materials
  • Supporting the school's self-reliance and independence, including teaching materials, teachers and building maintenance
  • Facilitating the construction of a birth center and health post
  • Facilitating agriculture and community development through cooperative education and training
Zicht op KLES school Sailung Nepal
view of the school

The directors of the foundation are appointed for a period of 5 years and do not receive any remuneration or compensation for their work. The board of the foundation meets at least twice a year to discuss strategy, actions, division of tasks, etc.

The board of the Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation is involved in:

  • Contact with donors, sponsors and other partners
  • Advising Nepalese contacts
  • Determining strategy around the distribution of money and goods
  • Very regular contact with the team in Sailung in Nepal to promote the goals
  • Management of the website and social media channels
  • Acquiring brand awareness through communication and other expressions
  • Organizing sponsorship actions and / or events
  • Financial management of the foundation

The board of the foundation closes every financial year (calendar year) with an annual report that accounts for the policy pursued and which also includes the annual accounts and budget.

You will find the policy plan here.