Christmas promotion successful

smoke-free living

November 2021. It was nice to be back in Sailung after 2 years. You are then again confronted with the basic existence of many families there in the mountains. Together with Krishna, several families have been visited whose children have come to school in the past 2 years. In many cases, cooking is still done on an open wood fire in the living room. This is also without proper drainage. As indicated below, a very unhealthy and undesirable situation for the entire family. This has made us decide to hold a Christmas promotion in December with the aim of being able to donate a smoke-free cooking stove for 30 families. The campaign was successful and the cooking stoves were collected at the end of April.


cooking stoves donated in the December 2021 promotion

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the cooking stoves are picked up
another fifteen minutes walk
In the smoke in the "kitchen"
In November 2019, Jan Post visited Nepal on behalf of the Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation. He was soon confronted with the local custom of lighting a wood fire indoors for cooking and heating the house. This is done without a discharge pipe, as a result of which the room in question is filled with smoke. Jan quickly experienced the consequences of this smoke. Even after returning to the Netherlands, he still coughed for a while and had respiratory problems.

In families that were visited during the stay and where the water for tea was boiled on the wood fire inside, Jan went to enjoy the view outside after about 10 minutes. This to avoid the smoke inside. Much worse is that the children of these families are also in the smoke. The result is that many children in Sailung have lung and eye problems and growth disorders. These health problems also limit the children's learning ability at school. Better health will also give these children better school performance because they have more energy.


warm up the baby by cooking fire

Research from the World Health Organization has shown that in poorly ventilated open-fire living spaces, particulate matter concentrations are 100-fold the accepted level set by the organization. The smoke from the fire place is also rich in carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, formaldehyde, benzene and many other toxic organic components.

Now there have been a number of initiatives from various charities to develop smoke-free cooking stoves. With such a stove, traditional dishes can be cooked and baked and a water supply is heated during the burning. The smoke is led out through a chimney.

bake flat bread on closed cooking stove
on the way home

An additional advantage of the stove is that as a whole it burns much more efficiently and half the amount of firewood is sufficient. We would like to provide all children in Sailung, and certainly the children who visit the school, with a smoke-free home.

Our goal for the coming years is that we also give all new Sailung children, as well as children from the nearby region, a home without smoke. The cooking stove donations therefore have a great impact on the health of the children and the future of the region.

The purchase and transport of a smoke-free cooking stove costs €135 (price Nov. 2021)

Your donation is very welcome.

In 2020 we were able to donate 13 cooking stoves

In 2021 we were able to donate 35 cooking stoves 

And in 2022 already donated 30 pieces!!!

Because the foundation is ANBI certified, you can get part of the gift back through tax. This depends on whether it is a one-off or a periodic donation.

Summary part 1 stove project photo report of the installation of the first 13 cooking stoves donated via the Foundation in January 2020.

Stove project Sailung Intergas photo report (distorted) 2nd installation project of 35 stoves thanks to the sponsor INTERGAS 

December 2021 cooking stove action results in 30 units for families in Sailung

stove in operation at Krishna