31 januari verf levering
31 januari verf geleverd
15 feb painted blue!
December 30 windows and doors
Dec 23 counter
December 23 tiling

Construction of the health post started in April 2023. A group of 6 men, some of whom were also involved in the construction of the school, have returned from eastern Nepal. The community helps out when possible. All wooden planks and poles are made from trees provided by the Sailung forestry. The mayor regularly comes to see how construction is progressing. Construction is in the final phase. Tiling, sanitary facilities, kitchen, windows and painting.

Status as of early December 2023
Man with woman on his back walks past birth center. Still 1.5 hours to go...
December 23 Kitchen unit under construction
aluminum windows
Doors made on the construction site on December 15
toilet and tiling
September 22 final piecework
community builds along
20230911 stairs are ready
August 31 balustrade laid
August 27, last stuck inside
Aug 23 water pipe installation
July 1 pour concrete roof
20230629 ironwork on the roof
31 May support beams floor formwork ready
even the VDC Chairman was present, the chair from the higer vdc the day before
May 13 team work
May 10 foundation
souvenirs from the construction site
saw days
1000 meters of water pipe buried for the health post
access road for health post