Newsletter September 2023

Newsletter | September 2023 Community builds a healthy future AGRICOSH – Agriculture Community Shailung Dear friends of the Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation, We are pleased to inform you about the

Sponsor of 5 Children for 5 years

For the fourth time, chairman Jan Post has been invited to give an update to the Rotary Sassenheim on the status of the projects in Sailung. It's always nice to hear a positive story

Newsletter May 2023

5 years passed and so many children happy! Together we look ahead. In memoriam: March 20, 2018, the day everything changed. My dear Ton, father of Anne, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and warm friend is completely unexpected

Newsletter December 2022

Newsletter | December 2022″ Yesss….we are going to a beautiful school!!! “ What will 2023 bring? Dear Reader, Every time we share the story about the project in Sailung it is still amazing to us


1 Nov: ZWEELO digital and the village newspaper Aalden Here the entire article 21 September DE TEYLINGER Loading of the 20 foot sea container in April this year June article in Pensioenmagazinemetaal- Elektro PME magazine ONLINE

Newsletter September 2022

Newsletter | September 2022 A great goal achieved Dear reader, It is very special to see that a great goal has been achieved! The new school building already fulfills a central function within the community.

Newsletter June 2022 Newsletter | June 2022 100th student and lots of news Dear reader, It is unbelievable how much there is to report after the newsletter of 3 months ago. Although the new school has not yet been opened for six months,

100th registration

The new school building has received a lot of attention from the community and the wider area. The opening in November made the local newspaper and recently there was a film crew who covered the school in a documentary

book bags foundation Thang

April 19th Marcel and Jeannet took the 3 school bags from Kathmandu to Shailung. The next day the bags were hung up in the classrooms. The children were very curious and could

Newsletter March 2022

Support the project Newsletter | March 2022 Latest developments construction, container and more Dear reader, Boy, Ton would have been proud of what his dream has been realized with the construction of the new school