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Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Subject: Hooray the school in Sailung is in use
We are pleased and proud to announce that the first phase of the school project has been completed. Thanks to all family, friends, acquaintances and strangers who made it possible to realize this. Together with the team in Sailung, we would have liked to proudly show you the opening of the new school building. Unfortunately, Corona is still getting in the way of the school project in the end.

The school
Construction went very smoothly until the end of March. But unfortunately the material supply has completely stagnated due to the strict lock-down at the beginning of May. Only three of our construction workers were able to continue working. The other men spent a few weeks working on other construction projects in the area. People still lived in the joint accommodation. Nevertheless, work has continued with the material that was present. At a certain point we managed to get the last material delivered with smaller trucks. In the end, the finishing touches were put to the stucco finish, windows, doors and electricity of the first phase. The construction team will return home this week. Most of them have only been home for 2 weeks in the past 9 months. They have worked on the school building 6, often 7 days a week. The painting will have to be postponed until the building is completely dry in September, after the rainy season. But, as soon as the schools are allowed to open again, the first classes will soon be able to be given in the beautiful new building. A great result was achieved in 9 months.
Corona in Sailung
Indian variant hits hard
There have been no infections in Sailung until April. At the end of May, more than 150 people in the community were infected with Corona. Fortunately, there are no known deaths from Corona (yet).
The people are afraid. Due to the lock-down, income in the community is stagnating.
The schools are closed. Children are still provided with homework and test material so that there is a form of home education.

Mouth masks and bottles of hand sanitizer have been handed out at the school.
Happy News

Krishna and Shanti are delighted with a family addition, on April 30th Ruth is born, Gracy's sister.
Because the new school building is almost ready, extra registrations from new students are also coming in. It can be seen that it is serious.

Like Ramila, for example, she just started preschool. Raijb started in the UpperKinderGarten (similar to group 2). He walks to school with his friends every day in almost 20 minutes.
As a result of the previous newsletter, we have again been able to welcome 3 registrations to sponsor a child. In total, 14 children already have a permanent sponsor.
Ramila and Raijb, together with 5 children, are on the waiting list for school sponsorship.

2nd phase, the implementation
As indicated earlier, we would very much like to go ahead and carry out the planned final implementation phase afterwards. In this respect:

• School meal kitchen
• Computer / internet local
• Teachers' living space
• Community space
• Sanitary building
• Safe Playground

The final budget for all of the above with furnishings comes to €58,175. Thanks to all the nice donations, we have already raised more than 70% of the target amount and we only need to acquire €19,235. The plan is to start phase 2 with the well-known construction team in September, when we get the financing in place.

The board plans to attend the grand opening of the new school building in Sailung in October, if Corona allows.

In Sailung, many discussions have since taken place about the possibilities of giving the school a broader meaning. This resulted in a list of activities that can take place in the building. Some of these will start soon, including a women's group that focuses on basic language development and exchange. More or less linked to the school function itself, a library, a computer lab and a kitchen and vegetable gardens are provided. The latter in particular to provide the children with a good meal. The library and computer facility are at the service of the entire community.

The extra features and new initiatives
Birth center annex medical support center
The school building is progressing well. The village development committee has now asked whether the foundation can also provide support in setting up a birth center and medical support center. Now women have to walk more than three hours to the nearest birth center (or travel one to three hours by truck).
It is intended that this support center will be set up in collaboration with an already existing clinic further afield (Gaughar clinic), under the direction of Dr. Uddave Koirala.
Container to Nepal
School furniture has now been offered in the Netherlands. We would also like to collect teaching materials, medical equipment and other items. It is being investigated how these items can be transported to Nepal. This is possible via container transport to just across the border in Nepal. Licenses and import exemptions still need to be organized through ministries in Nepal.



If you have any questions after reading this newsletter, you can contact me or one of the other board members personally.

Sincerely on behalf of the board,