School building

aangepast ontwerp
customized design
School Sailung KLES in memory of Ton van den Brink

Phase 1

9 classrooms + stairwell
100 %
  • Access road
  • Retaining wall
  • Foundation + posts
  • Floor 1st floor
  • stairwell
  • Construction 1st floor
  • Walls, windows, doors
  • Roof
  • Finish

Phase 2

Furnishing + sanitary + grounds
  • Finish building
  • Sanitary Building
  • School kitchen
  • Computer / Internet locally
  • Teacher space
  • School grounds


The first phase of the new building

At the end of 2019, consultations were held with three construction companies regarding the possibilities and cost budget for building the new school building in two phases.

Ultimately it was decided to do the project with local builders. 

Phase 1 in the period 2020 - 2021: 10 classrooms and phase 2 in the period 2021-2024: complete construction and fill in functions

A detailed cost estimate is available.

Number of working days1200
cement bags1225
 etc etc

The cost estimate results in a total amount for the

FIRST PHASE from:  almost €75.000,-

SECOND PHASE from: spacious €50.000,-

Bulldozer Sailung

Bulldozer leveling construction site


The construction of an access “road” through a piece of land belonging to the neighbor was a great action. This allows the trucks to reach the construction site, which saves a lot of towing work. The use of the bulldozer to construct the high retaining wall and dig the large foundation holes also contributed to the flying start. At one point, 20 men were working to keep up with the bulldozer that was limited available.

Access road is being made

holes along the wall

Foundation holes along the wall
1st layer of stones for foundation substrate

frames supporting pillars

A lot of ironwork and concrete incorporated in the foundation to make everything earthquake resistant. All manual work. Men were a bit happy when the large concrete mixer had arrived from Kathmandu because that saves them a lot of hard work. 

After the foundation legs were connected with wide stone walls, the construction site was leveled with the bulldozer, when it was once again in the vicinity.

All posts are made up to the height of the first floor.


foundation walls built
mixer arrived from Kathmandu
vibrating the concrete
flag in top

Quite a challenge, eventually with the support of more than 40 men and women from the community, we managed to provide the entire floor area with concrete in 1 day. Respect.

Women walked with baskets of sand and split weighing up to 80 kg on their backs. 8 people provided the food and drinks. (December 16, 2020)

 all piles deposited January 3, 2021


first part of the staircase

The stairwell is immediately included in the concrete work. It can be seen that the construction team has a lot of experience in these types of buildings. 



top staircase top stairwell 

 roof of staircase finished roof stairwell ready
overview stairwell

Sailung_School_building_in_process  The first concrete piles on the 1st floor have already been poured.

Roof construction with many support beams for the concrete formwork work.
Almost 10 cubic meters of concrete processed in 1 day to be able to pour the roof.
largest half finished

bricks supplied

first load of stones

The first walls were built with bricks from the local brick factory, a 5-hour drive away.

first wall for stair construction

The windows and doors are locally made from local wood.

example Window unit

Wood for the doors and windows has been sawn in the forest and transported to a machine tool.
At the end of December after advice construction engineer province AAC purchased blocks for the outer walls because of much better insulation.
Walls on the ground floor are already well advanced.

 the weather is fine, no problems with frost or rain. March 22 started placing the walls on the first floor.
2nd floor walls    walls 1st floor 1
20210404 front view status April 4, 2021 all window frames and doorposts installed
balustrade side and back windows windows at the rear and the first section roof railing
rear end
the first windows for the frames
Due to the lock-down, the wood for the doors could not be transported from the dryer to the carpenters. Fortunately, wood could be borrowed from friends.
borrow wood from friends
door frames
door panels
place doors 

Roof construction started last week in January. All the wood that was used for the mezzanine floor has now been used for the roof.

preparation for the roof

A lot of steel processed
manual work

Then gathering material for the concrete day Friday 26 February


With the help of nearly 50 women, men and youth from the community, we managed to make 10 cubic meters of concrete in 1 day and spread it over the roof.


the roof will be ready at the beginning of March for the construction of the stairwell.

Roof Stair case 3

roof of staircase finished roof stairwell ready

roof edge bricklaying

 eaves plastered and railing fitted

chamfer the roof for rain drainage

20210202 filling the floorfilling the floorthe floor of the ground floor is actually 1 big puzzle. Stones are chopped to size and spread over a layer of concrete mix.

A balustrade will be made on the first floor and on the roof. first 50cm bricks and a concrete reinforcement with a stainless steel fence inside.

balustrade 1st leve

balustrade on the roof

balustrade side and back windows

Two metalworkers have been on the construction site for almost 2 weeks to make the balustrade and steel window gratings.


Steel frames are installed on the inside to prevent large pieces of glass from falling into the classrooms in the event of an earthquake.

steel grids in windows

a lot of stucco

stucco is in full swing. sand is sieved and a thick layer is applied. stucco
status May 20 stucco classrooms ready
To allow the rainwater to run off the roof, a sloping plaster layer has also been applied.
 back also neatly finished
Staircase was quite a work of art.

A lot of attention is also paid to the sleek finish of the interior floors and the sidewalk.
team work
The electricity is also a lot of work. LED lamps will be installed in the classrooms.
connect electricity
Painting can only be done after the rainy season when the building is completely dry. The paint will be largely sponsored by paint factory in Nepal. 
painting first layer
more than 700 liters of paint
sky blue
favorite color

phase 2 final construction and furnishing

Because the bulldozer could be used to make the foundation holes, this was immediately done for the foundation for what was initially planted as the 2nd phase. Afterwards this would not have been possible because the distance to the partition is too small to be able to work with a heavy machine.

Vier van de 6 mannen die het eerste deel van de school hebben gebouwd waren blij dat ze de klus mochten afmaken. Half november 2021 zijn ze weer begonnen. Makar had gezorgd dat het nodige materiaal al aanwezig was dus konden de mannen met volle inzet aan de slag.

Zand levering. 

Het is onbegrijpelijk dat deze grote vrachtwagen hier kan komen.

De bouw is voorspoedig verlopen. Wel is er fundering voor het sanitair gebouw veel dieper / zwaarder geworden dan voorzien. ook is er veel werk verricht aan het stabiliseren van de randen van het terrein doormiddel van keermuren van met netten versterkte stapel muren.
 Diepe fundatie
retaining wall on the edge of the school site
bouwwerk gereed

Eind mei 2022 zijn de bouwvakkers weer naar huis gegaan en zijn de schilders aan de slag gegaan om het geheel prachtig in kleur te schilderen. Al met al weer een knap staaltje vakmanschap gerealiseerd.

The temporary sanitary facilities


Inventory required sanitary facilities

Het mooiste sanitair gebouw van de gehele omgeving is gerealiseerd. Wat een contrast met het golfplaten hutje.

het ontwerp



septic ruimte
was blok

sanitair gebouw met 2 watertonnen op het dak

The school board has a strong desire to equip a good kitchen so that all children can eat a good meal.

Een mooi betegelde keuken ruimte is ingericht en de eerste maaltijden voor de grote groep zijn al verzorgd. Komende periode zal worden gekeken hoe of er een continuïteit in de maaltijdverzorging kan worden georganiseerd.

lekker buiten eten

while we first assumed that we would use the internet via a At the beginning of March 2022, we were surprised by the news that fiber optic internet was being installed in Sailung. 2 days later it was already connected in the school.


Computers zijn gedoneerd door scholen in Nederlanden en in de container mee gegaan naar Nepal.

put everything together

een totaal nieuwe beleving

aggregaat voor de als de stroom weer eens uitvalt
beamer and electronic board
Benieuwd wanneer de eerste digitale uitwisseling met scholen in Nederland zal gebeuren

Because teachers come from outside Sailung, the wish is to set up 1 room for the time being as a teacher living space.

Painting can only be done after the rainy season when the building is completely dry. The paint will be largely sponsored by paint factory in Nepal. 

Het is een bijzonder kleurrijk gebouw geworden zowel van binnen als van buiten. 3 vakschilders uit Kathmandu zijn meer dan 6 weken bezig geweest om de klus te klaren.

Need: leveling, drainage - monsoon resistant, separation with almost 2 meters lower parts, etc.


With the placement of the sanitary building on a lower piece of land, it was also decided to turn the lower part into a playground for the smallest children.

The site is finished all around with sturdy retaining walls to prevent the sides from washing away during the rainy season.

In de komende periode zal worden gekeken of een gedeelte van het terrein kan worden voorzien van tegels.

20210901 blue school 3
status September 1, 2021

party, all on the first floor floor