Ton during last visit to Sailung

Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation bears the name of Ton van den Brink. His bond with Nepal came about after Marcel and Jeannet, close friends, adopted two children from Nepal to the Netherlands. After his first visit to Nepal in 2014, the love for the country, the mountains and the people grew. In March 2018, Ton left for a second time to Nepal for a trekking through the mountains.    

Ton, along with his traveling party, one of the adoptive parents, would also visit Krishna Shrestha and his school in Sailung. Ton wanted to work with the adoptive parents, family and friends from the Netherlands for the further support and growth of this school. Unfortunately Ton was unable to finish his second trip to Nepal. On March 20, 2018 he died in the mountains of Nepal that he loved so much.

We continue now in his name and from his great heart.

More about us


The school

How could a home school become a school for the entire region? And who are the people who founded the school with a lot of passion and dedication?

Live In Sailung

Sailung is an area at the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal, a country where one in three people live in poverty. How is life in Sailung and what drives the people who live here?


Our mission

To give every child in the Sailung region, rich or poor, socially low or high class, religious or not the opportunity to receive good education and to grow above their own expectations.


Who are we

The Ton Memorial School has a very passionate team in Sailung. Who are these people in Nepal and who want to help build their future from the Netherlands?  

Impact & Result

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