craftsmanship and a lot of material

Much, very much, material has to be supplied. In the first 2 weeks already 10 trucks. The steel and cement comes from Kathmandu because of the heavy loads more than 2 days driving, the sand and grit comes from

1 bulldozer and 20 men

Bulldozer leveling the field Thanks to the new access road to the school grounds, trucks can reach the construction site. That will save a lot of work. The bulldozer could also be used for 2 days longer for collecting

Newsletter | October 2020

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Stone splitting After 3 days of traveling by bus Bouwteam has arrived from southern Nepal. Immediately started making an access “road” to the construction site. Supported with large equipment. A group of 8 men will

De Wilde Ganzen participate in the project !!!

It can go fast. This afternoon we received the message that the Wilde Ganzen will support the project: the construction and furnishing of the 1st phase of the Ton memorial School Sailung. It can go fast. In May

BrITE Foundation sponsors entire classroom

The BrIte Foundation surprised us : € 9,896,- Thank You BrITE Foundation The BrIte Foundation surprised us by sponsoring a complete classroom. €9,896,- How cool is that. Thanks to this generous donation, the

Hurray, 5 years of support from Rotaryclub Uelsen-Coevorden

It's great how everything in our project comes together. In August 2020, the Rotaryclub Uelsen-Coevorden decided to support the Sailung project in the next 5 years. With a multi-year commitment we can move forward a little further

September 14 Nepal National Children's Day

Nepal celebrates Bal Divas/Children's Day as an official holiday. Children's Day or Bal Divas Day is celebrated everywhere to honor the children and minors. It is celebrated in Nepal and the whole kingdom on September 14.

Record Donation !!

an amount of €15,000 We were pleasantly surprised with the message we received from the secretary of the Interchurch 40-day action Laren-Blaricum-Eemnes. “We are pleased to inform you that the proceeds of the Interdenominational 40-day action Laren-Blaricum-Eemnes 2020,