Donation school desk frames

The director Bina Basnet of the Orchid Garden Kathmandu orphanage has again donated a number of used school desk frames. We are very pleased with this and can furnish the 5th room that we will be building in April. Transfer School Desks

Saw them yourselves: 80 trees donation

Last week Krishna was approached by the local forest manager asking him if he would like to have 80 large trees for the new school. Beams and support posts can be cut from these.

Physio support

Krishna has organized that his friend Bibek Khadka has come to give a free physio treatment. About 70 people from Sailung and the surrounding area have reported and received tips for exercises to relieve complaints after treatment

Visit building contractor from Kathmandu

The construction company from Kathmandu, where a request for a quote for the construction of the new school building was discussed, came to Sailung to view the situation on location. 3 gentlemen are on 2 motorbikes from Kathmandu

Working visit Jan Post Sailung

After close consultation it was decided to pay a working visit to Sailung to support the progress of the school project. October 24, 2019 I, Jan, brother-in-law of Ton van den Brink, went on a trip to Nepal.

Leveled ground

The plot intended for the construction of the new school was a stepped piece of mountain slope. A group of men from the village worked hard for a week with the help of a large bulldozer to

Opening ceremony School building

The school building was officially opened by … with a lot of attention. Thanks to the donations of Marcel, Jeannet and Ton, the construction of this “temporary” school building with 3 classrooms was made possible. The ground where the school was built has been

Krishna starts school at home

After his visit to the Netherlands, Krishna, inspired by Ton van den Brink, starts the Kids Learning English School. first lessons at home with Krishna and Shanti