Project Update 13 april 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2078   Het project gaat nog steeds voorspoedig. 14 april is het Nepalese nieuwe jaar 2078 begonnen. Vanuit de stichting zijn we ondertussen ook gestart met de voorbereidingen voor fase 2; de afronding en invulling van de school. De update is in het Nederlandse maar wel met erg veel plaatjes. update

Leiden, around the church

In the week before Easter, a nice piece about Ton's dream to improve education in Sailung was published in the church leaflet “Around the Church of the St. Petrus and Paulus parish in Leiden and surroundings ”. A brief summary of the story and the situation in Sailung where people are encouraged to […]

4,000 Number of the day

After a number of members of the Rotaryclub Sassenheim had read the interview with Jan Post about the school project in the Leidsch Dagblad, they proposed to invite Jan to do a video presentation about the project for all members. No sooner said than done. The whole story told from the adoption […]

craftsmen puzzle wall

Retaining wall almost ready Now that the school building is starting to get its final shape, it was time to level out the school grounds and make a retaining wall along the access road, adjacent to the previously made wall of filled steel mesh constructions. The bulldozer has been working for more than 25 hours, which took quite some time […]

Newsletter | March 2021

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Now that we have been building for 5 months, the school building is starting to get a clear outline. It is a true art how the construction team, supported by the community with the limited technical resources, builds such a solid building. Above an artist impression; thanks to Sagar. Walls of first classrooms realized After the construction team in […]

Hooray, it's everyone's birthday

The children's birthday cannot always be celebrated, which is why there is a school day when everyone has a little birthday. In the preparation, birthday greeting cards are made in the classes. True works of art with calligraphy and beautiful coloring. Birthday visit And then the next day is the party

satellite spot change

We were a bit surprised when when we checked the coordinates of the school the location on Google Maps we could see the foundation holes of the school building which were dug in October. Gave us the opportunity to pinpoint the location to the last decimal even more accurately. School location: 27 ° 34'19.81N 85 ° 59'55.0 ″ E Lat / Long […]