School gets color

The painters have begun! Thanks to all the preliminary work of Nikhil from India, we received a nice offer from Kansai Paint in Kathmandu at the beginning of August for more than 700 liters of paint. The paint was made to color there with an old type mixing machine. The next day brought to Sailung by truck. The three painters are with […]

Newsletter | June 2021

We are pleased and proud to announce that the first phase of the school project has been completed. Thanks to all family, friends, acquaintances and unknown sponsors who made it possible to realize this. After nine months of hard work, 6 days and often 7 days a week, the construction team will travel back home this week. […]

extra school functions and new initiatives

In Sailung, many discussions have since taken place about the possibilities of giving the school a broader meaning. This resulted in a list of activities that can take place in the building. Some of them will start soon, including a women's group that focuses on basic language development and exchange. More or less linked to the school function itself is […]

Project Update April 13, 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2078 The project is still going well. April 14, the Nepalese New Year 2078 has started. In the meantime, we have also started preparations for phase 2 from the foundation; the completion and completion of the school. The update is in Dutch but with a lot of pictures. update

craftsmen puzzle wall

Retaining wall almost ready Now that the school building is starting to get its final shape, it was time to level out the school grounds and make a retaining wall along the access road, adjacent to the previously made wall of filled steel mesh constructions. The bulldozer has been working for more than 25 hours, which took quite some time […]

Newsletter | March 2021

The Newsletter has been sent by E-mail. If you have not received a newsletter and it is not in the SPAM, please register and stay informed about this great project. Newsletter March 2021


Now that we have been building for 5 months, the school building is starting to get a clear outline. It is a true art how the construction team, supported by the community with the limited technical resources, builds such a solid building. Above an artist impression; thanks to Sagar. Walls of first classrooms realized After the construction team in […]

satellite spot change

We were a bit surprised when when we checked the coordinates of the school the location on Google Maps we could see the foundation holes of the school building which were dug in October. Gave us the opportunity to pinpoint the location to the last decimal even more accurately. School location: 27 ° 34'19.81N 85 ° 59'55.0 ″ E Lat / Long […]

Gamma in the forest

500 uprights and 350 meters thick shelf Yes then you are there with your shopping list. 500 uprights approximately 3 meters long and 350 meters plank 3 cm thick 30 cm wide. Fortunately, the forestry cooperated and donated trees for the school project for a symbolic amount. Do cut it yourself. Yes and how do you make it there […]

flag in top and MoMo Party

The Nepalese and Dutch flags are hung on the first concrete pillars of the 1st phase of the school. Partly thanks to the large mixer, construction is going well. An amazing amount of manual work remains, if only filling the formwork of the pillar with the mixed concrete. This is done by passing on […]