Gamma in the forest

500 uprights and 350 meters thick shelf Yes then you are there with your shopping list. 500 uprights approximately 3 meters long and 350 meters plank 3 cm thick 30 cm wide. Fortunately, the forestry cooperated and

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flag in top and MoMo Party

The Nepalese and Dutch flags are hung on the first concrete pillars of the 1st phase of the school. Partly thanks to the large mixer, construction is going well. An amazing amount of manual work, even if it is

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2 broken ribs and 1 super mixer

motorcycle accident That was a shock when we got a message that Makar and Krishna had had an accident. "Fortunately" it was "limited" to 2 broken ribs at Makar and some bruises at Krishna. Makar, the chairman of the school board

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craftsmanship and a lot of material

Much, very much, material has to be supplied. In the first 2 weeks already 10 trucks. The steel and cement comes from Kathmandu because of the heavy loads, more than 2 days driving, the sand and grit

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1 bulldozer and 20 men

Bulldozer leveling the field Thanks to the new access road to the school site, trucks can reach the construction site. That will save a lot of lugging. The bulldozer could also be used 2 more days

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Newsletter | October 2020

The Newsletter has been sent by E-mail. If you have not received a newsletter and it is not in the SPAM, please register and stay informed about this great project. . ONLINE NEWSLETTER

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Stone splitting After 3 days of traveling by bus Bouwteam has arrived from southern Nepal. Immediately started making an access "road" to the construction site. Supported with large equipment. A group of 8 men

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