Teaching materials

SAM 4773
Krishna, buying teaching materials in the city

The school could not survive without solid teaching materials and professional passionate teachers. Since the school was founded, it has been decided to use a solid English teaching method for which a wide range of textbooks and homework books is available. The school is largely dependent on donations to provide the teaching materials. Many parents do not have the means to purchase them for their child.

school learning supplies with children
The children with donated new teaching materials

Donation from Kathmandu

We are delighted with spontaneous donations from Kathmandu of used school desk frames that can last for years after some painting and new planks. Now the children no longer have to sit on the floor during the entire school day. Every year at the beginning of the school year, Uncle also makes us happy with a package of workbooks and notebooks.

20200122 New school desks
frames picked up in Kathmandu

The children proudly show their entire learning and homework books collection. 

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English curriculum
Children with their school books package
brother and sister proud with their school supplies
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