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Rajkumar 7 years old

Good education

One in three people in Nepal live in poverty. Sailung also has a lot of poverty. Of a quarter of the children of the school, the parents do not have sufficient means to pay the school allowance. But because the school is known for good education in a short time, it is chosen over a government school which is free. This does have a negative impact on the financial independence of the school. By sponsoring a child you immediately sponsor the independence of the school.  

HemLal and DevLal Nov 2019
woonruimte en keuken

De kinderen krijgen ook een pakket schoolkleding. Vier polo’s en 2 schooltenues. Groen voor de zondag, maandag en dinsdag; Paars voor woensdag, donderdag en vrijdag. Zaterdag is het zondag in Nepal.

Verder krijgen de kinderen al het benodigde lesmateriaal waar ze ook zeer trots op zijn.

Het bijzondere is dat merendeel van de ouders in Sailung en omgeving geen enkele opleiding hebben gehad en niet of nauwelijks kunnen lezen en schrijven. Laat staan iets in het Engels.

slaapplaats boven de aardappels
Salina Tamang Aug 2020
Patricya KC Aug 2020
Nabin Sajan Aug 2020

From € 0.50 per day * 

Our objective was and is that every child from Sailung, poor or rich, high or low castes, should or should not be able to receive good religious education. Even though families are unable to pay a school fee. The children of those families are still very welcome and the school allowance is now reimbursed by the Foundation.  It would be nice if you want to take on the support of a student. This is possible from € 25 per month through a gift agreement. You can discuss tax benefits when donating to the ANBI foundation here read more.

* (after tax advantage)


We like to do this through a 5 year long Donation agreement, you can then deduct the donation directly in the income tax return. You will be informed annually about the progress of the sponsored student. In addition, you will receive a present from Nepal and a drawing of the child you sponsored.



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