School building

customized design
customized design
school front
status 8 april 2021

Phase 1

10 lokalen + trappenhuis
90 %
  • Access road
  • Retaining wall
  • Foundation + posts
  • 1st floor
  • stairwell
  • 1st floor
  • walls, windows, doors
  • roof
  • finish

Phase 2

Furnishing + sanitary + grounds
  • complete building
  • Sanitaiar building
  • School kitchen
  • Computer / Internet locally
  • Teachers living space
  • School grounds

The first phase of the new building

At the end of 2019, consultations were held with three construction companies regarding the possibilities and cost budget for building the new school building in two phases.

Ultimately it was decided to do the project with local builders. 

Fase 1 in de periode 2020 – 2021 : 10 lokalen en fase 2 in de periode 2021-2024 : bouw afronden en functies invullen

A detailed cost estimate is available.

Labor #days1200
bags of cement1225
 etc etc

The cost estimate results in a total amount for the

FIRST PHASE from:  almost €75.000,-

SECOND PHASE from:  almost €50.000,-

Bulldozer Sailung

Bulldozer leveling the field


The construction of an access “road” through a piece of land belonging to the neighbor was a great action. This allows the trucks to reach the construction site, which saves a lot of towing work. The use of the bulldozer to construct the high retaining wall and dig the large foundation holes also contributed to the flying start. At one point, 20 men were working to keep up with the bulldozer that was limited available.

the access road is made

holes along the wall

foundation holes along the wall
1st layer stones for foundation substrate

frames supporting pillars

A lot of ironwork and concrete incorporated in the foundation to make everything earthquake resistant. All manual work. Men were a bit happy when the large concrete mixer had arrived from Kathmandu because that saves them a lot of hard work. 

After the foundation legs were connected with wide stone walls, the construction site was leveled with the bulldozer, when it was once again in the vicinity.

All posts are made up to the height of the first floor.


foundation walls built
mixer arrived from Kathmandu
vibrating the concrete
flag in top

Quite a challenge, eventually with the support of more than 40 men and women from the community, we managed to provide the entire floor area with concrete in 1 day. Respect.

Vrouwen liepen met manden zand en split van wel 80 kg op hun rug. 8 mensen hebben voor het eten en drinken gezorgd. (16 december 2020)

 alle palen gestort 3 januari 2021


first part of the staircase

The stairwell is immediately included in the concrete work. It can be seen that the construction team has a lot of experience in these types of buildings. 



top staircase top trappenhuis 

 roof of staircase finished dak trappenhuis gereed
overzicht trappenhuis

Sailung_School_building_in_process  The first concrete piles on the 1st floor have already been poured.

Roof construction with many support beams for the concrete formwork work.
Almost 10 cubic meters of concrete processed in 1 day to be able to pour the roof.
largest half finished

bricks supplied

first load of stones

The first walls were built with bricks from the local brick factory, a 5-hour drive away.

first wall for stair construction

The windows and doors are locally made from local wood.

example Window unit

Wood for the doors and windows has been sawn in the forest and transported to a machine tool.
At the end of December after advice construction engineer province AAC purchased blocks for the outer walls because of much better insulation.
Walls on the ground floor are already well advanced.

 het weer zit goed mee, geen last van vorst of regen. 22 maart begonnen met het plaatsen van de muren op de eerste etage.
2nd floor walls    walls 1st floor 1
20210404 front view status 4 april 2021 alle raamkozijnen en deurposten geplaatst
balustrade side and back windows ramen aan de achterzijde en het eerste gedeelte dakreling

Roof construction started last week in January. All the wood that was used for the mezzanine floor has now been used for the roof.

preparation for the roof

A lot of steel processed
manual work

Then gathering material for the concrete day Friday 26 February


With the help of nearly 50 women, men and youth from the community, we managed to make 10 cubic meters of concrete in 1 day and spread it over the roof.


begin maart is het dak klaar om de opbouw van het trapportaal te gaan maken.

Roof Stair case 3

roof of staircase finished dak trappenhuis gereed

dakrand metselen

 dakrand gestukt en railing aangebracht

20210202 filling the floorfilling the floorde vloer van de begane grond is eigenlijk 1 grote puzzle. Stenen worden op maat gehakt en verdeeld, daarover een laag betonmix.

Op de omloop van de eerste verdieping en op het dak wordt een balustrade gemaakt. eerste 50cm stenen en een betonnen versteviging met daarin een roestvaststalen hekwerk.

balustrade 1st leve

balustrade op het dak

balustrade side and back windows

Twee metaalbewerkers zijn bijna 2 weken op de bouw om de balustrade te maken en stalen raamroosters.


aan de binnenkant worden stalen frames aangebracht om te voorkomen dat bij een aardbeving groten stukken glas de lokalen in kunnen vallen.

stalen roosters in ramen

zonwerend glas geplaatst

stucwerk is in volle gang. zand wordt gezeefd en er wordt een dikke laag aangebracht. stuckwerk

fase 2 laatste bouwwerken en inrichting

Because the bulldozer could be used to make the foundation holes, this was immediately done for the foundation for what was initially planted as the 2nd phase. Afterwards this would not have been possible because the distance to the partition is too small to be able to work with a heavy machine.

nothing yet

temporary booth

] sanitary building 


Inventory required sanitary facilities


The school board has a strong desire to equip a good kitchen so that all children can eat a good meal.

Budget made and commitment from Singapore's Kacific for a free satellite receiver.




Because teachers come from outside Sailung, the wish is to set up 1 room for the time being as a teacher living space.

Need: leveling, drainage - monsoon resistant, separation with almost 2 meters lower parts, etc.



party, all on the first floor