School building


Sailung is located in the east of Nepal about 11 hours from Kathmandu at the foot of the Himalayas. There was no good school in Sailung itself. Children had to walk to a nearby area for that. In 2016
Krishna Shrestha started a home school to give the children in Sailung access to good education. The current school building was opened on April 2, 2017.

Tree trunks for school extension
piles for the construction of additional classrooms

tree trunks and corrugated iron

The current school consists of 5 classrooms and is made up of tree trunks and corrugated iron without windows. The floor consists of tamped clay soil. There is no heating and the wind blows in through the slits. The plumbing consists of a rickety structure containing two children's squat toilets that drain to a hole dug behind the building. 

In winter it is very cold in the school and the snow blows in. In the summer it is very hot. There is a need for more classrooms, better sanitary facilities, a kitchenette, more teachers and a teachers' residence. The latter because of the distance to and the difficult journey to and from the city.


forecast for 2024

Currently, 62 children attend education at the Ton Memorial School. The children are divided into four groups and two teachers. Much attention is also paid to the English language. The school prepares the children for further education. The number of students is expected to grow to about 120 students in 2024.

The planned capacity of the new school:

  • - 120-150 students
  • - 5 teachers
  • - 3 toddler groups
  • - 6 higher elementary school groups
  • - 1 kitchen
  • - 1 teachers' room
  • - A total of 12 spaces of 4 by 5.5 meters divided over two floors
School sailung design
Design school building phase 1 + phase 2

The first phase of the new building

Now 2 years later in 2020 there is a business plan for the school with a corresponding building plan for a new sound school building with 12 classrooms to be built in the period 2020-2024.

Phase 1 in the period 2020 - 2021: 8 classrooms and phase 2 in the period 2023-2024: 4 classrooms.

We can only achieve this together with the help of all donations.

Consultations were held with three construction companies with regard to the possibilities and budget for the construction of the new school building in two phases.
Ultimately, it was decided to do the project with local builders. A detailed cost estimate is available.

Labor #days1200
bags of cement1225
 etc etc

This results in a total amount for the

FIRST PHASE from:  almost €75.000,-

New construction KLES phase 1
phase 1, 8 classrooms in 2 floors
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