Help now and donate

Will you help build the future?

A small gift, a big difference!

Anyone can donate. With your donation, we will ensure that every child in Sailung has the opportunity to receive good education. We will provide for this with the construction of a new school building and financial support for the school in the future. In addition, families with school-aged children will receive a stove that promotes general health. 

There are several options to contribute to the foundation:

Ashal is a bit too big for his school desk

One-time donation

Periodic donation

  • Right away periodic donation you support the continued existence of our foundation and help us to continue to support the school, teachers and students in the long term. For example, with your gifts we continue to build on the new school building
  • Sponsor a student: For 25 euros a month you can provide a child with education. The school contribution, teaching materials and the school uniform are paid for this. With this you make an important contribution to the development of these children and you give them a future. Look HERE for more information or please  Contact us
  • Through a require one gift agreement. the tax may also help you.

I have a different idea

  • If you would like to contribute to the foundation in a different (non-financial) way, we would of course like to hear that. Do you have an idea for a sponsor promotion, do you want to link us to someone from your network or do you have another great idea? Then Contact us

Did you know that our foundation has ANBI status? This means that in most cases our foundation's donors may deduct their gifts from income or corporation tax. Click here For more information