Here comes the information, photos and videos of agricultural project year 1: AGRICOSh – 2023 – 2024

All information collected when drawing up the five cooperatives is processed at ISARD's office. Program plan is being further developed.

December 19, '23 the ISARD group came to Sailung again. The manager BIVAS was also in Sailung for the first time. This is what he wrote about it: 

Sailung was pleasantly surprising to visit for the first time. The weather was friendly and the GauriShankar range shone brightly. It was great to see how farmers, business people, seed and fertilizer companies have been able to create a successful business model around potatoes and cauliflower. The Ton Memorial Foundation's school and maternity hospital in the village and the involvement of staff in the village from the foundation have created a positive atmosphere in the community. It was great to see little children coming to school, even on a bus supported by the foundation. The school works hard and brings children from the most remote areas to provide quality education. It would be good to introduce agriculture to the school in the region.

An exciting development is the collaboration between Ton Memorial and ISARD, aimed at supporting families in the community through initiatives such as social mobilization, microcredit programs, water projects and agriculture. While potatoes and cauliflower remain the main crops, farmers are eager to diversify by exploring plastic greenhouses for growing vegetables, herbs, kiwis, apples and mushrooms. Our approach includes close collaboration with the community through groups, social mobilization training and microcredit programs. We aim to work together with the community, Ton Memorial School and local government to create a vibrant community in Sailung.

Ghanashyam Bivas Neupane

Bivas addresses the schoolchildren
See where the vegetable garden will be in front of the school

The agricultural expert's first instructions on growing apples and kiwis were given this week.

[December 23, 2023]

Composition of groups
the regions of the groups
Still needed € 5000
Good news, 80% of the budget has already been sponsored. Still €9,880 to go. Will you help??
December 24 group 5 meeting
group meeting December 24
first kiwi and apple tree training
listen with all your attention and small children
planting hole apple tree preparation
advertising ;>)
apple tree and kiwi cuttings
children also receive plant lessons