Who are we

The Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation is a young, small, ambitious foundation and full of energy. The foundation was established in 2018 in memory of Ton van den Brink. We are committed to the construction of a new school building and the preservation of the school in Sailung, Nepal. The foundation consists of a board and volunteers in the Netherlands and a local team in Nepal. 

The Foundation in the Netherlands

The board and volunteers of the Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation currently consists of relatives and friends of Ton van den Brink.

The board

Jeannet Diteweg chairman Ton memorial School Sailung Nepal around 1
Chairman - Jeannet Diteweg

My name is Jeannet Diteweg. I am married to Marcel and I work as a Gz psychologist and system therapist at the Mental Health Care in my hometown. 

From the beginning of this century I have been able to raise our two adopted children from Nepal. We had the opportunity to sponsor our children's brothers and sisters in Nepal so that they could receive education. In 2010 and 2015 we met the families in Nepal. We feel very connected with the families and with Nepal. Our friend Ton van den Brink was closely involved with our children together with Ans, his partner. In 2014 Ton went with us to Nepal and he met the families and the country. In 2018, Ton traveled with Marcel, my husband, to Nepal, among other things to start preparations for the construction of a school in Sailung. It is in Ton's spirit that we continue to carry out this project. We do wish the children in Sailung to receive good education! Krishna and Shanti truly deserve to be well supported in the education they provide to the children; what an enormous commitment they have. It is an honor to be chairman of our foundation.
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Jan Schouw treasurer Ton Memorial School Sailung Nepal around 1
Treasurer - Jan Schouw

My name is Jan Schouw. Ton was my best friend; we have known each other since the 2nd high school class. And have never lost sight of each other since. I trained as a biologist and have spent almost my entire working life in the world of 

renewable energy. For a long time as director / owner of a respected consultancy. During that period I noticed that the abundance of renewable energy is enormous, but we are struggling to harvest it. My agency was mainly concerned with how we can unlock that wealth. Throughout my life I have noticed how much the education we received in elementary, secondary, and then university education has shaped me and provided me with the opportunities I have had. I look back on it with satisfaction and gratitude. And I still consider self-study as a way to stay informed, to marvel at the rapid changes in the world and to continue to give my contributions to society. Education is a basic facility that should be available to anyone, anywhere.

It was therefore not so difficult to accept the position of treasurer within the Foundation that wants to initiate good education in Sailung Nepal.

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Anne secretary Ton memorial School Sailung Nepal around 1
Secretary - Anne van den Brink
My name is Anne van den Brink and I proudly contribute to this foundation. All my life I have had a special bond with Nepal. Good friends of mine are originally from there. At an earlier age I did not only know 

what the flag of Nepal looked like and how good the food tasted, but also how differently many children in Nepal grew up. Full of love and in beautiful nature but with completely different opportunities and possibilities than we are used to. In 2018 my bond with Nepal was fully anchored for life; my father spent the last days of his life there. I find it incredibly special that there is a school in Nepal in his name where children build a good future every day.

With a dedicated group of friends and family, we are now continuing to build the Ton Memorial School, in close cooperation with our contacts and driving forces behind the school in Nepal. One day I hope to visit Nepal and the school to experience the country my father had lost his heart to.

Within the foundation I have the role of secretary where I am involved in communication and contact with donors. Thank you for taking the time to read more about our foundation, on behalf of all the children of the school, on my own behalf, and certainly also on behalf of Ton; thanks.

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Ans_Post_Volunteer _Ton_Memorial_School_Sailung
Contacts - Ans Post

My name is Ans Post born and raised in Blaricum. I was Ton van den Brink's wife for 41 years. Together we had our beautiful daughter Anne.

I work as a Location Manager in the care of people with intellectual disabilities. 

Ton, whom we had to say goodbye to so unexpectedly in March 2018, was a social, helpful and warm person who was always there for somebody else. Both in and outside the Netherlands, he was available to many people of all ages and backgrounds. From his great heart and thoughts I want to dedicate myself to the realization of the new school to be built in Sailung.

It is nice that Krishna,the head teacher of the Ton Memorial School in Sailung, stayed with us in Leiden and that we got to know each other.  

Sad that we have to miss Ton, but beautiful and special that we are going to realize the Ton Memorial School together.

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2019 Jan 10 post with 3 students around Sailung Nepal school
Sponsor recruitment - Jan Post

Born and raised in Blaricum, after working for 15 years at Sikkens Akzo Nobel, working for almost 25 years as VP Research International at Fast & Fluid Management in Sassenheim.

A week before my retirement, April 2018, Ton passed away on his last trip in Nepal.

During my meetings with my brother-in-law Ton, Krishna's school project in Sailung Nepal often came up for discussion. Ton was impressed by Krishna's passion and drive with which he is committed to providing the children in Sailung with a thorough education. Ton would therefore make every effort to help realize a good school building there.

I have now taken over this enthusiasm from him and I am a volunteer within the foundation for the recruitment of sponsors and the construction project. So I traveled to Nepal Sailung for two weeks in October 2019 to discuss the details for building and managing a new school building with Krishna and Shanti on location. I have also been impressed by the simple life in and around Sailung and the way Krishna is committed to the community.

I am eager to travel to Sailung again.

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Nynke Post volunteer Sailung nepal around
Information provision - Nynke Post

With great admiration, I saw how my uncle Ton was committed to building a school in Nepal. He was a beautiful person and was always there for everyone, without judgment or expectations. 

Due to the enthusiasm of my father, Jan Post, I also became involved in the foundation and I would like to contribute to the dream of Ton to offer the children of the Sailung area a future.

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New construction - Marcel Wielenga

I am Marcel Wielenga and active as a volunteer in the foundation. Since 2001 we have been strongly involved in Nepal as a family and we were able to sponsor Krishna and other children in their education. 

Now that he has taken the initiative to set up a school for the children of Sailung, we would like to support him wholeheartedly. It is very important that children who have nothing have a chance. We want to make this possible with our foundation, family and friends.

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Our local partner in Nepal

During the foundation of the school in Sailung, a local government was formed consisting of: 

The School Founder Krishna Shrestha

Krishna Shresta
Krishna Shrestha

Lok Bahadur Shrestha, Krishna Shrestha is the founder of Kids Learning English School Sailung, Dolakha, also pronounced as KLES Krishna was born and raised in the remote Sailung area of Dolakha district of Nepal. Krishna graduated from Kathmandu with a master's degree in social work. After his studies, he worked for several organizations that help people, especially children with disabilities, to give them better education and thus a better future. During his studies he helped the other children in the hostel where he lived with their homework. This was his first teaching experience. After a few years he returned to the village where he became and is considered to be the first villager to receive a “real” education. In consultation he started to teach a group of children in his house. From various ranks, as well as in conversations with Ton, he was asked to start a “real” school because the local education was very limited. He and his wife took up this challenge, resulting in the current situation.

The local government

board Sailung meeting
The local government, in a meeting
Makar Bahadur Subedi Chair KLES Sailung School board R Makar is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Sailung VDC. He works hard and owns the “largest” store in the area. He started his business with 5 Nepalese rupee, which equals approximately 4 euro cents. Many of his affairs rely on good faith. When people don't have the money to pay him, because they have a seasonal occupation, they can buy goods on account with him.

Makar is one of the active members of the KLES Ton Memorial School Sailung. He knows how to motivate people and has great problem solving skills.


Shyam Shrestha is the Vice President of the School Board of the Kids Learning English School, Ton Memorial School Sailung Nepal. He has a small grocery shop on the road opposite the entrance to the school. He is actively involved in all matters surrounding the school.

Lok Bahadur Shrestha Krishna Shrestha with Grace roundLok Bahadur Shrestha (Krishna Shrestha) after completing his Social Work studies he went back to his native village to teach children who wanted to learn English. In the school board he fulfills the role of secretary and contact person with the foundation in the Netherlands. Krishna keeps the board informed of all current and future affairs. Contact with the Netherlands is usually in English via WhatsApp, often several times a week with texts, photos and videos.

Shanti Shresta KLES Sailung nepal Finance treasurer around

Shanti Shrestha has a dual role within the KLES. In addition to her role as treasurer, she is also one of the teachers of the school. She maintains contact with the parents regarding the payment of the school contribution for the children. If necessary, payments will be accepted later due to limited resources outside the harvest season. 

After obtaining her master's degree in mathematics at Kathmandu University, she taught at the Kathmandu Kids Learning Center for 3 years. This is a school for children with disabilities.

Saphal Shrestha KLES Sailung nepal board member around Saphal Shrestha is one of the youngest board members of our school. He works at a greengrocer's in Kathmandu. Every month he travels to Sailung to visit his family and to contribute to the school.

Mina_Shresta_Board_Member_Kids_learning_English_School_Ton_Memorial_School_Sailung_NepalMina Shresta general board member. As a mother of 2 children, she is very much involved in the development of the school in the village.

Savitri Shrestha member of KLES Ton Memorial School ShailungSavitri Shrestha is a general member of KLES Ton Memorial School Sailung. She is also chairman of the village's women's group. The women's group regularly meets with themes such as saving where they discuss how they can save 50 Rupies = 40 Eurocents per month. Lots of help to motivate each other.
Why does almost everyone have the surname Shrestha?

Shrestha - Śrēṣṭha * - is a Nepalese surname meaning "noble" or "great" in Sanskrit.[* wiki] Shrestha may also refer to the Newar caste of Shresthas who formed the ruling and administrative castes of Kshatriya castles in the court of the Malla kings of Nepal prior to the unification of modern Nepal. There are more than 50 castes families with the name Shrestha known in Nepal and are very common in the Sailung area and surroundings.

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