Annual Review & ANBI

Public benefit organization.

Foundations that meet certain conditions are designated and registered by the government as an ANBI. An ANBI has a number of tax advantages. Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation is ANBI registered.

RSIN / fiscal (identification) number: 859340764

General Benefit Organization ANBI

Gifts are deductible from income or corporate tax.

The advantage of donating to ANBIs is that you can deduct the gift in whole or in part from your taxable income. The Tax and Customs Administration therefore pays for your donation. By making smart use of the tax benefit, you can donate more with the same money because the tax authorities pay back the difference after income tax returns. So you can choose to keep the benefit or to donate extra to the Foundation.

It is therefore attractive for you to support the Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation once or as a regular donor.

If you are considering a periodic donation, it must be recorded in writing by means of a Donation agreement.

You can download a donation agreement above or request it from the treasurer [email protected]

Kids for ANBI school

What is periodic donation?

Periodically donate ANBI.
A regular donation / gift is a structural donation to a charity (ANBI) that is laid down in writing in a private donation agreement. The term of this agreement is at least five years. You must pay a fixed amount at least once a year. You can decide for yourself whether you split that annual amount into multiple amounts, and for example pay part of the annual amount to an ANBI each month, or whether you pay the annual amount in one go.

for just € 15 (net) per month a pupil is already sponsored

Benefits for me as a donor?

The big advantage for you is that your gift is fully deductible from your taxable income and therefore you receive part of your gift back from the Tax Authorities. Gifts that are not recorded in writing as a periodic donation / gift are not fully deductible.
By recording the donation in writing, you can therefore:

  • save more money on your annual donations; or
  • donate more without it costing you more.

The tax benefit depends on your income, the income of your tax partner and the age of both of you. This benefit can go up to 46%. * The percentage will be reduced to 37% in the coming years. You can calculate the income tax benefit yourself with the Gift calculator >>>

ANBI Tax Office Stichting Ton Memorial School Sailung RSIN 859340764

Benefits for ANBIs?

The benefits for charities are that with your structural support they will gain confidence and financial resources to achieve their goals. If you donate your tax benefit, the charity can count on a larger amount while you no longer have to pay for it.

How do I arrange a regular donation?

Do you want to convert an existing donation or do you want to directly support a charity with a periodic donation? Then you require one gift agreement. Until 2013, this agreement still had to be made by notarial deed. As of 1-1-2014, this agreement may also be a private require one gift agreement..

Less than 5 years?

Are you not paying the gift for at least 5 years in a row, for example because you become unemployed? Or because the ANBI or association no longer exists? Then you may deduct the amounts paid. Are you not paying the gift for at least 5 years in a row because the institution is no longer ANBI? In that case, you may deduct the amounts paid, but only for the period when you could not know that the institution was no longer ANBI. Pay attention! You must agree in writing with the ANBI that you may also stop the annual benefits in the event of incapacity for work, become involuntarily unemployed, bankruptcy or no longer be ANBI of the institution.

Annual review

The Foundation was established on November 9, 2018.

Financial matters from the period of incorporation until December 31, 2018 will be accounted for in the 2019 annual report. 

Annual report 2019


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